The hunt started long before its official opening. Every time we think about it we are afraid to be late for the first dawn, first sprinkle of snow, first game drive… Careful preparations give us an opportunity to start “hunting” before its official opening and to feel it better, to know more about things that stay beyond our understanding in our hurry. Choose the place of hunting beforehand, don’t waist your time. We wish you nice hunt. Good luck!

“SLAVIANSKY TROPHY” HUNTING CLUB was born in 1999 and worked for you every day.

Dear hunters and fishermen, Russian Trophyclub welcomes you! Fishing and Hunting tours offered to you in our company are worked out and arranged in Russia and CIS. We have a good professional hunting and fishing guides in Russia and CIS. The hunting ground and the tour program you choose yourself.

We guarantee that you get the most objective and complete information on your requests as well as that only qualified and experienced hunters and attentive personnel will work with you during your hunting or fishing tour. Y ou get the package of required services.

We are happy to meet hunters and fishermen with different experience. Working for you, communicating with you we keep on learning our business. We are glad to share everything we know about hunting and fishing with you and we hope it would be useful for you.

The most complete information on tour programs you can get on our web-site, in the office or if you call us. We are sure that our cooperation with you will present you lots of beautiful recollections.


  • Giant bear hunting. Place: Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan area.
  • Giant elk hunting. Place: Chukotka, Yakutia, Magadan area.
  • Brown bear hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia.
  • Elk hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia, Karelia, Khabarovsk area.
  • Maral hunting. Place: Gorny Altay, Tuva, Khakasia.
  • Izubr hunting. Place: Irkutsk and Chita area.
  • Red Stag hunting. Place: North Ossetia.
  • Dagestan tur hunting. Place: North Ossetia.
  • Chamois hunting. Dagestan tur hunting. Place: North Ossetia.
  • Himalaya bear hunting. Place: Khabarovsk area.
  • Snow sheep hunting. Places: Kamchatka, Yakutia.
  • Ibex hunting. Places: Gorny Altai, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.
  • Marco Polo hunting. Places: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.
  • Urial hunting. Place: Tajikistan.
  • Siberian roe deer hunting. Places: Chita, Gorny Altai, Kurgan, Irkutsk.
  • Linx hunting with dogs. Kirov area.
  • Wolf hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia.
  • Hure and fox hunting with dogs. Place: Central Russia.
  • Geese and ducks hunting. Different places of Russia.
  • Quail hunting. Stavropol area. The best place!!!
  • Woodcock hunting. Place – Stavropol area.
  • Capercaillie and black cock hunting. Place – Center of Russia, Karelia.
  • Taimen fishing in Siberia, Yakutia, Tuva, Sakhalin, Krasnoyarsk area.
  • Fishing in Delta Volga (Astrakhan).
  • Fishing on river Don. (Rostov on Don area).
  • Atlantic Salmon fishing in Murmansk area.
  • Atlantic Salmon fishing on Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan.

We are glad to prepare for you any hunting or fishing trip according your request.