Hook the biggest Atlantic Salmon from one of the most beautiful rivers of the Kola Peninsula; the scenic Belousikha river. The Belousikha river is fed by many other rivers in the Kola Peninsula.  All are well-known Atlantic Salmon rivers with great sport fishing opportunities. The Belousikha river is 12 km long and flows into the big Voronya river.

The fishing spot is about 12 km upstream where in fact all the Salmon swim over to spawn in the mentioned rivers and lakes. That makes your fishing trip a unique Atlantic Salmon sport fishing adventure.
Your home during your Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure will be in a new log house and is based on full board. Our personal will prepare for you a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day you will be brought by small river boat to a good fishing spot where you can fish from the river bank. Optionally you can be guided the whole day. We provide the necessary fishing licenses which are based on “Catch and release”.

The Kola Peninsula is an ‘Eldorado’when it comes to Atlantic Salmon!
The best equipment to use!

All fishing is based on Catch & Release rules. Only barbless single or double hooks are allowed. Both single and double handed rods will work fine.Fly rods:

Single handed of 9 to 10 ft in line classes 6-10.
Double handed of 12 to 15 ft in line classes 9-12.

Fly lines:
Floaters or intermediates
In beginning and end of season a sinker can be worth trying.

Three important items:
Measuring tape for calculating the weight of large salmon.
A pair of forceps to pinch the barb hook down and to release the fish.
Mosquito net / repellent is essential during the summer.

Neoprene or Gore-Tex waders with corkers/cleats.
Fishing jacket and mittens.
Warm clothes and cap for cold evenings or for early or late season.
Rain clothes.

Other important patterns:
Rusty Rat and small Sunray Shadow-tubes.
The bigger flies in the beginning and the end of season.
During summer dry flies also works very well. Try a Bomber!

Three basic flies for Belousikha River:
Green Highlander
Red Butt
Silver Doctor in sizes 2-8.
One essential fly is the Billy Butt.
Hook: single or double 2-8
Tag: oval copper tinsel
Tip: red antron
Tail: red antron
But: yellow hackle
Body: flat copper tinsel
Ribbing: oval copper tinsel
Wing: black foxtail with some copper flash
Front hackle: black
Head: black
Cheeks: optional

Your accommodation during Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure

Your home during of your Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure is a simple and cosy log house in the nearest of a river  Belousikha. The house is build of local timber and keeps the lovely aroma of resin. There are 6 houses with comfortable sleeping rooms in the house for two persons. There is a home with a sitting room and a kitchen. There is no running water. Dry toilet, hot water and sauna are in another home.

Your host takes care about the meals, water and sauna. The cottage has electricity and mobile phone connection.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure description:

Day 1: Arrival in Murmansk by plane or by train. Meet up with a car or a mini bus to drive to Belousikha river (150 km from Murmansk). It is recommended to have a sandwiches with you and some drinks on the way. Arrival in Belousikha and check-in at the guest house. Dinner and overnight.

Days 2 – 6: Breakfast. Go to the fishing spot. When you are there you should by a fishing licence. You can buy it for one day fishing from 6 am to 12 pm or for more amount of days. Wilderness lunch during the day at the river shore. You can fish from 6 am up to 12 pm. You are brought back to the guest house at the evening time. Dinner upon coming back. Sauna by request.

Day 7: After breakfast at 08.00 leaving Belousikha for Murmansk. Lunch on the way in a cafe.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure details:
Accommodation: 6 nights in a Guest house nearest Belousikha river (no shower, dry toilet) incl. 3 times meals in day. Sauna outside (optional)
Group size: From 4 to 10 persons
Duration: 7 days / 5 fishing days
Dates: From middle of May till middle of October.

3 times meals,
Service of a professional fishing guide for Days 2-6,
Fishing license per day

Transfer by 8 p-bus Murmansk – Belousikha – Murmansk (150 km one way): EURO 250 per group 2 ways
Train tickets from Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Murmansk and back
Flight tickets from Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Murmansk

Documents: Passport must be valid at least 6 months after date of return. A visa is required. We handle the tourist invitation.

The participant must possess medical insurance that at very least covers the European part of the Russian Federation.

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