Duration              12-14 days, depending on route logistics and airlines schedule

Group Size         6 fishers

Route                  about 600 km alongside Seligir and Olenek rivers

Season                First half of June 2019

Siligir is a 344km long river, situated in Yakutia, Russia. It flows in Olenek river, and considered as one of the best Taimen fishing places. Riversides are covered with forests and mixed steppes, so encounters with wild animals such as bears, polar wolves, northern elks, as well as with other inhabitants of Siberia, are not something special for this places. Width of the river is 200-600 meters, average flow with stream pools. The diversity of the fish fauna is rather wide: Lenok, Taimen, Graylings(Thymallus), Northern Pike, Perch. Taimen size is average 10-15kg, but there is also a possibility to find 40kg+ beasts.

Besides it is possible to fish for Nelma, Freshwater Whitefish, Graylings, Lenok. (up to 5kg). You can encounter pikes all along the river (up to 18kg). Taimen fishing is on “catch-release” basis.


 DAY 1
Departure from Moscow to Polyarniy airport. 6 hours of flight.

Arrival to Polyarniy airport approximately at 8:30. Next, 1-1,5 hour helicopter flight to the fishing area. Arrival to Siligir river. Establishing camp, kitchen, and hiking bath if necessary.
Fishing for Taimen, Lenok, Grayling, Huge Pike, Perch.

DAYS 3-12(14)
10-12 days of rafting and fishing on Seligir river (approx.180km) and then Olenek(approx.400km).
Relocating base camp in the morning after breakfast, than placing it in the evening in a new place.  Dinner and overnight in camp. The rafting program is not regulated, it is important to complete this route in 11 days. Arrival to the fishing base at the end of rafting. Accommodation, rest, and local hunting. Overnight in the fishing base.

DAY 13(15)
Helicopter transfer to Polyarniy airport. Transfer by car from Polyarniy to Mirniy town. Duration about 7 hours in the way (about 500 km). Accommodation in a hotel in Mirniy town. Overnight in the hotel.

DAY 14(16)
Transfer to airport. Flight from Mirniy to Moscow. Registration for the next flight upon arrival in Moscow. Departure from Russia.

Everyday travel distance between overnights in camp not exceeds 100km. It is possible to optionally stay for a 1-2 extra days in camps, depending on fisher group decision

Meeting upon arrival and departure at Moscow airport
Meeting upon arrival and departure at Polyarniy and Mirniy airports
Helicopter transfer from the airport to the fishing area and back
Our staff service, including cook (4-5 persons)
Fuel reserve
4 motorboats for the trip (3 boats with 1 guide and 2 fishers per boat, 1 boat for cargo and
All the necessary products, meals
All the necessary camp equipment
Fishing permit

Air tickets to Moscow – Polyarniy and Mirniy – Moscow
Accommodation and meals in hotel of Mirniy town
Fishing rig, and other equipment
Satellite calls
Cameraman service for making a fishing movie (if necessary)
Medical insurance
Alcohol beverages